-Director of Photography -Enhanced Interrogation- pre-production, NY 2017
-Director of Photography -Abandoned- dir. Terry Wickham , postproduction, NY 2016
-Director of Photography -The Rainbow Experiment- dir. Christina Kallas, NY 2016
-Director of Photography -One Percent Human – dir. Paul Epstein, NY 2015
-Director of Photography -G.R.O.P.E.- dir. Paul Epstein, NY 2014
-Camera operator -Reconstructing Jersey – dir. Cylk Cozart, NJ 2014
-Camera operator -Producing Juliet- dir. Tina Cesa Ward, NY 2014
-Camera Operator, commercial work, NY 2013
-DIT, Camera Operator: RED, ALEXA , Canon 5D- commercial work- Orlando, FL 2009-2013
-Director of photography short film “Amores Exilados”, Color Azul Entertainment, FL 2009
-Director of photography documentary film “Like, Shakespeare”, IFavor Film Productions, L.A. 2009
-Camera operator -Dr.G Medical Examiner -”Deadly Dose” “Child Killer” “Spider Bite” …Discovery Health Channel 2008
-Director of photography documentary film “They came to play”, 88 Films, LLC Production (video) 2007 Best Documentary- B-est International Film Festival, Best Documentary- Sene Film, Music and Arts Film Festival, Winner Audience Award -Fort Lauderdale Film Festival
-Camera operator documentary film “Far from normal”, IFavor Production (video) 2007
-Director of photography short film “The bird” ,CNC Production, (35mm) 2005
-Camera operator documentary film ” Rock Bottom” a HBO / CEG Production 2005
-Camera operator various video projects 2004
-Director of photography short film The Only Lion in the Zoo, 35mm, B/W ,student project
-Director of photography documentary film, Golgota, 35mm, color, student project, selected for the IDFA Documentary Film Festival-Amsterdam
-Director of photography short film Luxa my love, 35mm, student project, color
-Director of photography documentary film, Floor9, apartment 99, nearly touching the sky, 16 mm, student project B/W
-Director of photography short filmProfession: Rappers, documentary film, 16mm, student project B/W
won the Best Experimental Documentary Award at Costinesti Young –Filmmaker Festival, Romania,
-First Camera assistant short film “Audition” (35mm), Fade in Films Production New York 2003
-First Camera assistantfeature film “Unbridled”(35mm), Jupiter Film Production New York 2003
-First Camera assistant short film “Renegade”, (super 16mm), New York 2003
-Camera assistant short film ” Mop That!” dir: Guy Shahar, New York 2003
-Camera operator at Eurovideo production, Los Angeles, California,2002
-Camera support tehnician at Transylvania Express Film-TV, Burbank, California 2000-2001
-Camera operator at Collage Digital Video , Glendale , California 2000-2001
-Camera operator at Antena 1 Television, Bucharest, Romania 1997-1998
-Camera Operator – Work with Libra Film Productions- films 1997
-Director of photography short film Ars Brevis Vita Longa, 35mm, B/W, student project,selected for Munich International Film Festival, for Spoletto Festival, for Karlovi Vary Festival
-Internship for Castel Film Company feature film: Kid Midas,dir.Peter Manoogian 1996

Education: -BA.in Film, Concentration in Cinematography, Romanian Film School, Bucharest, 1994-1998

Camera: Sony FS-7 package, Prime lens Kit 24, 35, 50, 85, 105, Odyssey 7Q+ monitor
Sony A6300 B-cam Package
Arri and LED Lighting Kit, Sennheiser Sound, Gimbal Stabilizer, Slider, Adobe Premiere, After Effects…


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